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Installations are required by DoD 4165.63-M and AF Policy to provide Housing Support and Referral Services to all DoD personnel and their dependents to help locate suitable, affordable, and nondiscriminatory housing in the local community or in privatized housing. In accordance with DoD policy, Service Members shall obtain housing support services prior to agreeing to rent, lease, or purchase housing. Your orders should also state to contact the Housing Office prior to entering into a rental or lease agreement. This requirement is in your best interest to ensure you make fully informed decisions on housing for you and your family at your new assignment.


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Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) creates an easy on-line experience to connect you, the Service Member, with your future destination and offers an on-line venue to obtain housing assistance prior to a PCS transfer. HQ Air Force Housing has successfully implemented HEAT across the AF Enterprise so members can reach out to installations when preparing for transition. Installations are accessible through the HEAT tool across CONUS and most OCONUS installations. Members should use HEAT when preparing to transfer to their new assignment. Learn more at the HOMES.mil site.

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Military Housing Privatization Initiative Tenant Bill of Rights

The Department of Defense is committed to ensuring that privatized housing Tenants (military service members and their families) receive quality housing and fair treatment from the Military Housing Privatization Initiative project owners that operate and maintain privatized housing.  The FY20 National Defense Authorization Act set out 18 rights of military service members and their families (Tenants) residing in privatized housing, and the DoD is committed to providing the full benefit of the 15 rights.  The DoD will continue to work with MHPI companies to ensure the full benefits of the remaining three rights become available.  To download the complete Military Housing Privatization Initiative Tenant Bill of Rights, please select this link

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