Developing a sense of community here starts before you arrive at Andersen AFB. We recognize the efforts behind this transition and want to make sure you are satisfied with the details of your move. To obtain referral and relocation assistance, we encourage you to reach out for personalized services provided by the Military Housing Office (MHO) staff. 

Temporary Lodging
On base temporary lodging space is limited for members PCS-ing to Guam. Individuals will need to work with their sponsor to make reservations. If on base lodging is not available the lodging office can make an off base reservation at a local hotel within your Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) rate. TLA will be processed through the MHO when individuals check in at the MHO upon arriving to Andersen.

PCS and TDY reservations can be made by calling the Andersen Gateway Inns & Suites Reservation Manager. 

Phone - 1 (671) 362-5501  (DSN 315-362-5501) 
Fax - 1 (671) 366-7707  (DSN 315-366-7707) 
Toll-Free Reservation Number - 1-888-AF Lodge

All guests are required to provide a valid credit card (VISA or MasterCard) upon check-in. Space Available reservations can be made 24 hours in advance for up to 3 days, based on room availability. Andersen Gateway Inns & Suites' amenities include a wide variety of beverages, snacks and other convenience items available to all members and guests of Andersen AFB.

Pets are not allowed in temporary lodging at Andersen AFB. Members must either place their pets in Andersen Pet Lodging or reserve pet-friendly off-base lodging. For additional information about the Andersen Pet Lodge call 1 (671) 366-5020. 

The Andersen Pet Lodge serves three main functions. 
1. It acts as a quarantine facility for pets (dogs and cats) arriving on Guam since this location is a rabies free territory.
2. It serves as a boarding facility for pets already residing on Guam
3. It enhances the quality-of-life for individuals and pets arriving and residing on Andersen AFB. 

Off-Base Temporary Lodging
Guam's economy serves a large tourist population which provides members many options for temporary to long-term lodging. If Andersen Gateway Inns & Suites is not available or does not meet your needs, the staff can provide assistance in obtaining off-base lodging.


Military members are entitled to various allowances to ensure the transition to a new location is as smooth and stress free as possible. If you have any questions about the allowance listed, please contact the MHO. 

Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA)
Military members assigned to Andersen AFB receive Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA). The purpose of the OHA program is to provide housing allowances to service members based on median housing costs in local civilian markets. The DoD determines the correct housing allowance to enable members to afford suitable housing within a reasonable distance of their duty location. The allowance is set based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependent status and is adjusted each year. For more information about your OHA, visit the Defense Travel Management Office website.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) 
When you arrive at Andersen AFB, you will be staying in temporary accommodations until you move into permanent quarters. TLA is an entitlement to partially offset the more-than-normal expenses incurred during occupancy of temporary lodging. Prior to your arrival, please work with your sponsor to secure temporary accommodations. Your sponsor can advise whether you will reside in an on-base Temporary Lodging Facility (TLF), a local hotel or an off-base TLF-type facility.

If permanent housing is not secured within 10 days, military members are required to report to the MHO every 10 days for a recertification of TLA. For TLA entitlements to be extended for the next 10 day period, you must be actively seeking adequate housing as the MHO requires a list of the housing units visited and the reason why they were not acceptable. Pet restrictions and preferred school districts do not qualify as reasons for non-acceptance of available housing. For more information about TLA and TLFs at Anderson AFB, please contact the MHO.