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We are eager to deliver and set up all the furniture you will need for your time here. The furniture and appliances at this location have been specifically chosen to fit comfortably in each type of housing.

Planning Your Move to Aviano with Furniture Entitlements
Personnel moving to Aviano on an accompanied tour (with family members on orders) are authorized to ship their full weight allowance. This is called Full-JTR (Joint Travel Regulation). If you are single or plan to move to Aviano without your family (unaccompanied tour) and are authorized to reside off base, the full weight allowance also applies. Please contact the local transportation office for your entitlements as they vary with grade.

Knowing that you are entitled to Full-JTR is very important. With this entitlement, government furniture support is on a loaner basis only. The government is responsible for providing you with sufficient furniture items to allow you to move into quarters while waiting for your furniture (household goods). Loaner kits consist of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. When you are ready to move again, the same loaner kits are available to allow you to ship your household goods in plenty of time to meet you at your next destination.

Furnishings Management will provide appliances, wardrobes (closets) and transformers to you for your entire tour. Members will be issued authorized furnishings to meet local housing conditions and family composition. Furnishings are issued based on what is available in the warehouse at the time the request is processed.

Closet Space/Storage
Housing styles and sizes can be different in foreign locations. In some cases, not all of a member's personal furniture will fit. For this reason, shipping large furniture items are highly discouraged. This includes king-size beds, waterbeds, and large shrunks as they are not always practical due to space limitations.

Local Storage Facilities
Please note there are no temporary storage facilities in the local area.

Major Appliances
Military and DoD civilian's are NOT authorized to ship personally owned major appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, washers and dryers. These appliances will be provided by our office. In most cases major appliances from the U.S. will not work in overseas locations (Voltage/Cycle 110/60 in US vs 220/50 in Italy).

Small Kitchen Appliances
Please be aware most small kitchen appliances (110 volt) will require the use of a transformer. You might want to consider storing your small kitchen appliances, including microwaves, and purchasing 220 volt ones upon your arrival either from the BX, flea markets, the Thrift Store, Aviano Classifieds, or from outbound personnel.

Temporary Furniture Loaner Kits
Temporary furniture loaner kits are available to members in PCS status for up to 90 days after arrival and 90 days prior to departure. Loaner kits consist of furniture items that enable you to move into your new housing while awaiting the delivery of household goods. Additional information will be provided by Furnishings Management Section upon securing housing.

Furnishings Available at Maximum Authorization Loaner Kit:
- Double Bed
- Single Bed
- Chest Drawer
- Night Stand
- Dining Table
- Dining Chair w/o Arm
- Sofa
- Easy Chair
- Coffee Table
- End Table

Duration of Tour Items:
- Dryer Electric
- Washer Electric
- Refrigerator/Freezer Electric
- Range Gas
- Wardrobes
- Transformers
Government Furniture Delivery
The FMS and Transportation Management Office (TMO) work together to coordinate the delivery and pickup of each member's government and personal household goods. Members are authorized a one-time delivery and pickup of government furnishings. Members can also pickup or turn in extra items at the warehouse as long as authorizations are not exceeded.

Members must be present at the scheduled date and time of delivery or pickup. Customers who miss appointments without prior approval will be rescheduled at the convenience of the FMS. A rescheduling fee of $300 is chargeable to the member. For additional information please contact the FMS at 011-39-0434-30-2272 or DSN 314-632-2272.



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