Developing a sense of community here starts before you arrive at F. E. Warren AFB. We recognize the efforts behind this transition and want to make sure you are satisfied with the details of your move. To obtain referral and relocation assistance, we encourage you to reach out for personalized services provided by the Military Housing Office (MHO) staff. Approximately 2500 rental units are located throughout the local community, of which 725 are listed through the Housing On-line Military Enterprise System ( The majority of units listed through have been inspected by base housing office staff to ensure safety and suitability for military families. 

Construction of additional apartment complexes and condominiums in recent years has increased availability and helped stabilize rents. One and two bedroom units are readily available. Large families should expect some difficulty in finding rentals. Limited numbers of three or four bedrooms or higher are available and tend to be pricey. Rental rates for single family homes vary greatly dependent upon location within the city. Many landlords do not allow pets, so ask before making any commitments. 

Below you will find move-in estimates that may help you prepare financially. Information provided below may vary depending on your needs, is intended as a resource only and is subject to change.





First & possibly last month's rent
$350-$650 per month for one and two bedroom apartments and houses. $700-$1100 for three or more bedrooms.

Security / damage deposit
Expect to pay approx. ½ to 1 month rent as a deposit. A separate pet deposit may be required and is not always refundable.

Telephone Connection / Deposit
Deposit amount will depend on your credit history.

Electric / Gas Deposit
Deposit requirement will depend on credit history. Deposit is 3 times the average monthly bill in a 12-month period. Recommend you bring a letter of credit from your present utility company.

Water, Sewer and Sanitation
Deposit may be required depending on individual credit.
Cable / TV The minimum installation charge is $22.50 and the first month's basic service charge is always required. High speed internet is also available at additional cost.

Incoming personnel interested in purchasing a home will find a fair selection throughout the city. The estimated cost of a 3 bedroom home with an unfinished basement and one or two car garage range from $150,000 to $250,000 depending on location, structure and design. Don't make the mistake of renting or buying in haste. Check with the Military Housing Office first. 

School Information 
We understand that when considering housing options, where your children attend school plays a large factor in that choice. This general information for military members with dependent children who will be attending Laramie County Schools is not intended to be an all-encompassing memo; we urge you to contact the appropriate numbers listed below for additional information. 

School registration occurs in August of each year. Details of registration will be published in the base newspaper, the Sentinel, towards the end of July or the first part of August. We urge you to watch closely for this information as it provides exact dates and requirements of the registration.

FAMILIES LIVING OFF BASE AND NEW ARRIVALS: Phone (307)771-2100 to learn which school you should contact to register your child. You will be referred to the closest school with available classroom space. The school can then explain any available transportation arrangements.

FAMILIES LIVING ON BASE - REGISTRATION; Remember that regular registration will occur in August each year and you'll need to closely watch the Sentinel (base Paper)for information. If you miss registration or move after it's over, please phone (307)771-2100 for placement assistance.

ELEMENTARY - Students in the elementary grades will be placed after registration is complete. Students from the base are usually placed in the West Cluster schools that include:

- PIONEER PARK -- 1407 Cosgriff Court -- (307) 771-2316
- CHURCHILL -- 510 W. 29th -- (307) 771-2410
- CORLETT -- 600 W. 22nd -- (307) 771-2420
- DEMING -- 715 W. 5th -- (307) 771-2400
- MILLER -- 3501 Evans -- (307) 771-2376
- ALTA VISTA 1 -- 620 Logan -- (307) 771-2310

School district officials use the following criteria in their determination of placement:
a. Students living within walking distance from the school.
b. Students who attended the school the previous year.
c. Maximum class sizes.
d. Maintaining one school site for all family members.
e. Placement within the cluster.
f. Date of registration.
g. Special requests (These will be reviewed annually on a case by case basis)

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Students residing on base attend McCormick Junior High School, 6000 Education Drive, (307) 771-2650.

SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL - Students residing on base attend Central Senior High School, 550 Education Drive, (307) 771-2680.

TRANSPORTATION - After regular school registration and school assignments are completed, the school district transportation department develops a bus schedule based on the students' addresses, nearest bus stops, and assigned schools. This information will be published in the base newspaper, the Sentinel, on the Friday prior to the first day of school. To resolve bus problems, parents are asked to call the bus garage (Student Transportation) at (307) 771-2628. 




Military members are entitled to various allowances to ensure the transition to a new location is as smooth and stress free as possible. If you have any questions about the allowance listed, please contact the MHO. 

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH)
Military members assigned to F. E. Warren AFB receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). The purpose of the BAH program is to provide housing allowances to service members based on median housing costs in local civilian markets. The DoD determines the correct housing allowance to enable members to afford suitable housing within a reasonable distance of their duty location. The allowance is set based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependent status and is adjusted each year. 

For more information about your BAH, visit the Defense Travel Management Office website