We would like to welcome you to Izmir, Turkey and hope that your tour will be enjoyable and rewarding. We are eager to deliver and set up all the furniture you will need for your time here. The furniture and appliances at this location have been specifically chosen to fit comfortably in each type of economy housing.

In fact, since Izmir is limited JFTR all members are authorized permanent furnishings. Members will be given a briefing by a housing counselor about their entitlements and how to set up delivery of furnishings upon arrival. For additional information please submit an inquiry to 425abs.cech@izmir.af.mil 

Izmir is a "limited" JFTR area for all personnel. You are only authorized to ship your limited JFTR weight allowance at government expense. The Furnishings Management Section (FMS) will issue items for the duration of your unaccompanied tour. If you shipped some House Hold Goods (HHG) and may not need some FMS furniture, arriving active duty military and DOD civilian personnel may obtain temporary loan of furnishings until personally owned furnishings arrive. Outgoing (PCS) personnel with their own HHG are also authorized temporary furnishings from the time they ship their HHGs until they move into the hotel.

If you are serving a without-dependents tour but elect to bring your family, (Non-Command Sponsored), Furnishings Management is not authorized to provide the support you may require, i.e. beds, tables, chairs, etc.

Appliances issued by Furnishings Management are made for the local electrical requirements (220/50 cycles). These appliances are issued to authorized personnel for the entire duration of their tour. All appliances, except the dryer, come with cord/plug. The dryer comes without a cord or plug and must be installed. You will have to hire a certified electrician to accomplish the installation. 

Housing styles and sizes can be different in foreign locations. In some cases, not all of a member's personal furniture will fit inside the economy units. Members should review the room dimensions for each housing unit they may be offered to decide which personal furniture will fit prior to shipping some household goods, limited JFTR. 

It is highly recommended to store items before you PCS. Please note that typically temporary storage facilities are not available in foreign locations. Members will be given a briefing by the MHO about their entitlements and how to set up delivery of permanent furnishings upon arrival. 

Government Furnishings Style and Type 
Members will be issued authorized furnishings to meet local housing conditions. While every attempt is made to meet a member's preference, furnishing style and color are not always guaranteed. Furnishings are issued based on what is available in the warehouse at the time the request is processed. 

Appointments will be scheduled at the earliest date possible. Additional information will be provided by the Furnishings Management Section (FMS) upon securing housing.

Government Furniture Delivery 
Members are authorized a one-time delivery and pick-up of government furnishings. Members can also pick up or turn in extra items as long as authorization is not exceeded. Members must be present at the scheduled date and time of delivery or pickup. Customers who miss appointments without prior approval will be rescheduled at the convenience of the FMS. For additional information please contact the base Furnishings Management Section (FMS) at DSN 314-675-6753 or Commercial 011-90-232-4556750.

Government Furnishings Available 
(Weight limitations "Loaner Kit" per AFI 32-6004 Attachment 7)

____ Table, occasional (end);   2 EA
____ Table, coffee; 1 EA
____ Chair, easy; 2 EA
____ Couch/sofa; 1 EA
____ Lamp, floor; 1 EA
____ Lamp, table; 1 per table
____ Desk; 1 EA
____ Desk, chair; 1 EA
____ Desk, lamp; 1 EA
____ Book case; 2 EA

____ Chair, dining; 4 EA (as required)
____ Table, dining; 1 EA
____ Buffet; 1 EA

____ Night stand; 1 per bed
____ Mirror; 1 EA
____ Chest of Drawer; 1 EA
____ Bed SINGLE or DOUBLE; 1 EA
____ Wardrobe; 2 EA

____ Refrigerator, AMERICAN or EUROPEAN; 1 EA
____ Microwave; 1 EA
____ Transformer, 2- 1000W, 1-2000W, 1-300W; 4 total
____ Smoke Detector; 1 EA 
____ Carbon monoxide detector; 1 EA 
____ Fire Extinguisher; 1 per Floor 

____ Washer, clothes, AMERICAN or EUROPEAN; 1 EA
____ Dryer, Clothes AMERICAN or EUROPEAN; 1 EA
____ Heater, electric, LARGE-zass, SMALL - king; 1 EA
____ AFN KIT; 1 EA 

"Connection Fee $57.50" 
"Disconnection FEE $11.50"