We would like to welcome you to JBPHH and hope that your tour will be enjoyable and rewarding. Furnishing information is provided below. 

Planning Your Move to JBPHH with Furniture 


Personnel moving to the JBPHH on an accompanied tour (with family members on orders), unaccompanied tour (with family members on orders), or single service members authorized to reside off base are authorized to ship their full weight allowance. This is called Full-JTR (Joint Travel Regulation).

Closet Space (Privatized Housing) 
Contact Hickam Communities at (808) 423-2300 or via their website at www.hickamcommunities.com for their housing description information.

Due to smaller sized quarters in Hawaii, personnel with an abundance of Household Goods (HHG) contemplating residing in PPV Housing or the local economy. Should consider placing oversized furniture, none essential items and major appliances that will be provided with rental unit or PPV Housing, into Non-Temporary Storage (NTS) at origin for duration of members overseas tour. Unaccompanied Air Force E1 through E3 and E4 with less than 3 years of service are required to reside in Unaccompanied Housing (UH). Due to UH rooms being fully furnished, members required to reside in UH should strongly consider placing excess household goods in NTS at origin prior to PCS departure.

Major Appliances (Provided by Privatized Housing) 
Major appliances, stoves and refrigerators, are furnished in both PPV housing and local economy housing. Hickam Communities, (HC) no longer provides washers and dryers to E5 and above personnel, with the exception of Key and Essential personnel. E1 to E4 Active Duty Service Members will continue to be provided a HC washer and dryer upon move in and may continue to use them through the duration of their occupancy in HC housing. Dryer outlets in HC homes may be 3-prong or 4-prong outlets. Service Members are responsible for obtaining and changing dryer cords on their personally owned dryers if necessary.   

Temporary Furniture Loaner Kits
Temporary loaner furniture is available for service members in a PCS status who are residing in PPV Housing or the local economy and awaiting the arrival of household good shipment. Loaner kits consist of living room, dining room and bedroom furniture. Support period is a maximum of 90 days, unless household goods are not received within that timeframe, through no fault of the member. Temporary loaner furniture is also available prior to service member’s departure as well.

Furnishings Available at Maximum Authorization
Loaner Kit: 

- Queen or Full Bed (1 per family) 
- Single Bed (per child or additional dependent) 
- Dresser (1 per occupied bedroom) 
- Night Stand (1 per bedroom) 
- Dining Table (1 per family)
- Dining Chair (1 per person on orders) 
- Sofa (1 each) 
- Easy Chair (2 each) 
- Coffee Table (1 each) 
- End Table (2 each)
- Table Lamp (2 for living room & 1 per bedroom)
- Floor Lamp (1 each)

Government Furniture Delivery 
The FMO and Transportation Management Office (TMO) work together to coordinate the delivery and pickup of each member's government and personal household goods. Members are authorized a one-time delivery and pickup of government furnishings. Members can also pickup or turn in extra items as long as authorization is not exceeded. 

Members must be present at the scheduled date and time of delivery or pickup. Customers who miss appointments without prior approval will be rescheduled at the convenience of the FMO and be charged a no-show fee. Appointments will be scheduled at the earliest date possible. 

For additional information please contact JBPHH Military Housing Office (MHO) at 808-312-0199, 808-590-1402 or jbphh_mho@us.navy.mil.