Planning Your Move to Kalkar with Furniture 

The TMO Inbound Shipments office at Schinnen provides our service. You can reach them at DSN 314-360-7575 if there are any questions. Don't forget the time-zone difference between where you are and here!

All accompanied personnel are authorized to ship their full Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) weight allowance to Kalkar and a statement to that effect should be on your orders. DO NOT ship American style stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, freezers or refrigerators. These items will be issued. Non-temporary storage of these appliances at Kalkar is not authorized.American-style microwaves, irons, coffee makers, bread machines and other small appliances will work without any problems with transformers. However, some people choose to purchase either dual-voltage or European small appliances to reduce the clutter caused by multiple transformers.

Be sure to keep all of your personal property shipping documents with you. You will need them when you get here in order to get your property as soon as possible. If all goes as expected, you should have all your shipments and be settled within four weeks after you arrive.

Temporary Furniture Loaner Kits
Additional information will be provided by the U.S. Army Schinnen in the Netherlands. 
Contact Information: Housing Furniture Supply 
Phone: 0031-46-443-7247 (DSN 312-360-7247 or 7567)
(Mon - Fri 0800-1200, 1230-1630 hrs)

Furnishings Available at Maximum Authorization

Temporary Furniture (maximum 90 days):

-­ Bed double complete (1 per family)
- Single Bed (per child or additional dependent)
- Bookcase (1 per household)
- Dresser (1 per family member)
- Dining Table (1 per household)
- Dining Chair (general purpose) (1 per family member or 4 each per household) 
- China Cabinet (1 each per household)
- Desk (1 each per household)
- Davenport/Sofa (1 each)
- Easy Chair (2 each)
- Coffee Table (1 each)
- End Table (2 each)

Duration of Tour Items:
Dryer Electric (1 each) 
Washer Electric (1 each) 
Refrigerator/Freezer Electric (1 each, depending on family size) 
Range Gas/Electric (1 each)
Wardrobes (1 each per person & 1 each per quarters)
Kitchen Cabinet (1 each per quarters)
Freezer (1 each per quarters)

Other loaner items, such as microwaves, transformers, TV, etc. can be obtained from the Family Support Office. 
Phone: 0049-2824-16765 (DSN 312-454-8765)

Government Furniture Delivery 
The FMO and Transportation Management Office (TMO) at Schinnen (NL) and Geilenkirchen AB work together to coordinate the delivery and pickup of each member's government and personal household goods. 

Members are authorized a one-time delivery and pickup of government furnishings. Members can also pickup or turn in extra items as long as authorization is not exceeded. Members must be present at the scheduled date and time of delivery or pickup. Customers who miss appointments without prior approval will be rescheduled at the convenience of the FMO.

Appointments will be scheduled at the earliest date possible. 

For additional information please contact Schinnen Furnishings Office at Phone: 0031-46-443-7247 (DSN 312-360-7247)