We would like to welcome you to Lajes Field and hope that your tour will be enjoyable and rewarding. We are eager to set up an appointment to deliver the furniture you will need until you receive your household goods. The furniture at this location have been specifically chosen to fit comfortably on off base rentals.

Planning Your Move to Lajes Field with Furniture 



Lajes Field, Azores FMS furniture meeting weight restricted area requirements will be available for all inbound members. Since January 2018, all Civilians and Military reside off base and are authorized 25% of full JTR weight or 2500 lbs., whichever is greater TMO General Instructions Portugal (PO)

Members will be issued authorized furnishings (Table of Allowance) to meet local housing conditions.  Furnishings are issued based on Table of Allowance and member needs.

Please note that temporary storage facilities are not available on the Island of Terceira. 

Members will be given a briefing by the HMO about their entitlements and how to set up delivery of temporary and permanent furnishings upon arrival. 

Major Appliances 
Military and DoD civilians are NOT authorized ship personally owned major appliances such as refrigerators, ranges, washers, dryers, and microwaves. These appliances will be provided by the Landlords

Furnishings Available at Maximum Authorization (Table of Allowance)



- 1 sofa

- 1 easy chair

- 1 coffee table

- 1 sideboard OR Media Cabinet

- 1 floor lamp

- 2 End Tables

- 2 Table Lamps



- 1 table with leaf

- 4 side chairs

-1 Hutch

-1 Buffett



- 1 bed frame

- 1 Full size headboard

- 1 Full size mattress

-  1 Chest

- 1 dresser/Dresser Mirror

-1 Nightstand

- 1 Table Lamp


-1 Desk

-1 Side Chair

-1 Bookcase


-1 Dehumidifier (When Available)

-1 Space Heater

- Transformers (up to 4)


All Appliances are provided by the Landlords

Government Furniture Delivery 
The FMS and Transportation Management Office (TMO) work together to coordinate the delivery and pickup of each member's government and personal household goods. Members are authorized a one-time delivery and a one-time pick-up of government furnishings. Members can also pick-up or turn in extra items as long as authorization is not exceeded and it will have to be done on a self-help basis. Members must be present at the scheduled date and time of delivery or pick-up. Customers who miss appointments without prior approval will be re-scheduled at the convenience of the FMS. They will be subject to pay all expenses involved on the missed appointment and FMS will do a second appointment or the member will have to deliver or pick-up the furnishings. Appointments will be scheduled at the earliest date possible. For additional information, please contact the base FMS at ext. 535-4173/3890 .