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Moron Family HousingThe Military Housing Office (MHO) is ready to support you in the transition to your new home and community. Use the resources provided to become familiar with the housing options and support services available to you. When you arrive at Morón AFB, you must visit the MHO. This visit is necessary to obtain housing, verify your eligibility for Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA), and receive counseling and guidance before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing. It is advised to wait until you arrive to secure housing in order to tour available units.


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Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) creates an easy on-line experience to connect you, the Service Member, with your future destination and offers an on-line venue to obtain housing assistance prior to a PCS transfer. HQ Air Force Housing has successfully implemented HEAT across the AF Enterprise so members can reach out to installations when preparing for transition. Installations are accessible through the HEAT tool across CONUS and most OCONUS installations. Members should use HEAT when preparing to transfer to their new assignment. Learn more at the HOMES.mil site.

Contact Information

   Military Housing Office

Phone  011 34 95 584 8156
 DSN 722-8156
Email:  496abs.ceh@us.af.mil
Address  496 ABS/CECH. Unit 6585
 APO AE 09643-6585 
Hours of
 M-F - 8:00am - 5:00pm
 (Africa/Ceuta Time)

   Unaccompanied Housing

Phone  011 34 95 584 8520
 DSN 722-8520
Email:  496abs.ceh@us.af.mil
Address  496 ABS/CECH. Unit 6585
 APO AE 09643-6585 
Hours of
 M-F - 8:00am - 5:00pm
 (Africa/Ceuta Time)


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Housing options

  • Government Housing

    For many families, living in government housing provides easy access to a wealth of community services and amenities such as schools, youth programs, Commissary/Exhange, and food services. This is especially true in overseas locations where you will find yourself dependent on the support facilities and services on the installation much more than those in the U.S. Living within government housing provides a safe and secure place to reside and provides a mentoring and supportive environment for families.

    Government housing is provided to military members who meet the appropriate criteria.

    This includes:
    - Members with dependents authorized to reside with them
    - Military-Married-to-Military couples assigned to same or adjacent base and reside jointly

    Contact the Military Housing Office (MHO) if you have any questions about the housing eligibility criteria at this location.

    Morón AFB Housing
    We offer government housing on base. Our inventory consists of duplex housing units with yards. All units have 110 volt, 60 cycle electrical service. Housing amenities include built-in closets, mini-blinds, built-in dishwasher, stove, oven, range-hood, refrigerator, microwave, washer, dryer and central AC/Heating. Houses have yards and a back porch with awning. Each unit has a carport. You will be responsible for yard maintenance.

    Privately owned outside recreation equipment may be installed inside the back yards of houses with prior approval of the MHO. A school and playground is located within walking distance.

    Applying for Government Housing
    If you desire to live in government housing, please submit an advance application for assignment (DD Form 1746) through the MHO at your losing installation with a complete copy of your PCS orders. The effective date of the application is the date you depart your prior installation (including members with TDY en-route) or the date ordered to active duty.

    Applications can also be submitted upon arrival during your first visit to the MHO. MHO staff will be able to assist in the completion of the application and will review PCS orders and housing options with you. For walk-in applications, as long as you apply for government housing within 30 days of arrival, you will be placed on the waiting list effective the date you departed from your previous installation. After 30 days, the application date will be the date of the walk-in.

    Please be sure your application identifies and includes supporting documentation for an impending promotion or gain of dependents so that you can be placed on the appropriate waiting list.

    Waiting Lists for Housing
    Average waiting times for government housing vary depending on your housing category and number of bedrooms authorized. You will be offered housing based on availability. The MHO will help you to find a home in the local community and provide you with information on housing allowance authorizations until government housing becomes available.

    Community Amenities
    - Lighted running track
    - Basketball courts
    - Picnic/Barbeque area
    - Playgrounds

    Residents of base housing may not own dogs of any breed (including a mixed breed) that are deemed "aggressive or potentially aggressive". Aggressive or potentially aggressive breeds of dogs are defined as a Pit Bull (American Staffordshire Bull Terrier or English Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Chow and wolf hybrids. Prohibition also extends to other breeds of dogs or individual dogs that demonstrate or are known to demonstrate a propensity for dominant or aggressive behavior as indicated by any of the following type of behaviors:

    - Unprovoked barking, growling or snarling at people approaching the animal
    - Aggressively running along a fence line when people are present
    - Biting or scratching people
    - Escaping confinement or restriction to chase people

    Additionally residents may not own exotic animals such as, but not limited to, reptiles, rodents (other than hamsters and guinea pigs), ferrets, hedgehogs, skunks, rats, raccoons, squirrels, pot bellied pigs, monkeys, arachnids, or any farm animal.

    For a complete list of rules and restrictions please contact the housing office.

    Personal Property Insurance
    You need to obtain legal liability and personal property insurance for your possessions and should choose the options and amounts that best fit your needs and lifestyle. Before purchasing your insurance, please consult the MHO for more information about coverage.

    School Information
    For information about the school at Morón, visit the Sevilla Elementary/Middle School website.

  • Unaccompanied Housing

    The Air Force recognizes that the management of Unaccompanied Housing (UH) facilities is critical to an Airman's development process. UH is a personal residence and we strive to provide a modern, functional, well maintained and comfortable home, as well as professionalism and personal dignity.

    UH is provided for unaccompanied Airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 and E-4 with less than 3 years of service. Each Airman is provided a private sleeping room, furnishings, bed linens and supplies required for comfortable living. Every two rooms share kitchen and bathroom shower.

    Unaccompanied Airmen in the rank of E-4 with greater than 3 years of service and above will move into housing in the local community. Please refer to the HMO for information and assistance on securing housing.

    The permanent party UH at Morón AFB consists of 10 1+1 rooms that share a kitchen and bathroom shower. All the rooms and the day-room are provided with new furniture, mini-blinds, appliances and central AC/Heating. A fully equipped dayroom and laundry room is available for use by the occupants.

    Assignment Procedures
    As soon as you are notified of your assignment, contact your gaining unit and request to be assigned a sponsor. Your sponsor will be another military member assigned to your unit and will assist with your move. Your sponsor or gaining unit must then contact the UH Management Office to notify them of your impending arrival date and work to secure you a dormitory room. The UH Management Office will provide a dormitory room for you upon your arrival.

    Planning Your Move
    Prior to travel, arrange to meet your sponsor or someone from your unit upon arrival.

    If you arrive during normal duty hours, have your sponsor escort you to the UH Management Office. The Dorm Manager will take you through the process of checking you into your room and performing a move-in inspection and inventory of the allotted furnishings and supplies.

    If you plan to arrive after normal duty hours, have your sponsor make arrangements with the Dorms Manager to get the key of your room in advance. Report to the UH Management Office the next duty day for in-processing.

    Resident Responsibilities
    You will be expected to keep your room and any shared living space clean and tidy. Cleaning supplies and equipment will be provided to you free of charge. You will also be accountable for your room and the furnishings provided. Residents may be held liable for any damages beyond normal fair wear and tear.

    See your UH Management Office representative if you have any questions about your resident responsibilities.

    Inspection Program
    The Installation Commander establishes a base-wide UH inspection program focused on health and safety. The First Sergeant implements the inspection program and visits rooms to ensure that all residents comply with installation standards.

    Bay Orderly Program
    UH residents are expected to assist in the cleaning and upkeep of common areas and shared facilities of their "home." You will periodically be detailed for up to a week to be part of a work crew to perform essential cleaning and minor maintenance.

    It is mandatory for unaccompanied Airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 and E-4 with less than 3 years of service to reside in UH. An E-4 residing in UH reaching 3 years of service may be authorized to move out of UH and into local community housing. Contact the UH Management Office for procedures you must follow to clear your room. In certain circumstances, such as to make space available for more junior Airmen, you may be authorized to move out of UH before reaching E-4 with greater than 3 years of service. The most senior Airmen are released first. Your UH Management Office representative will advise residents when early release is necessary.

    Space Available Rooms
    When there is an excess of dormitory rooms, personnel in the ranks of E-4 with greater than 3 years of service and above may be eligible to reside in UH on a space available basis.

    Contact the UH Management Office to inquire about availability.

  • Community Housing

    Housing in the Local Community
    The Military Housing Office (MHO) provides all DoD personnel with a personalized service to assist in locating suitable housing in your new host country. Moving to a new country can often be confusing and stressful; however, it can also be exciting. Living off base provides members and families the chance to experience a new culture and make friends with their host country neighbors. The MHO will assist you every step of the way to help you find your new home in the local community.

    Housing Services
    Contact the MHO as soon as you know you are moving. The government housing team will provide you the latest information on the local housing situation as well as local laws governing off-base housing. The MHO partners with landlords to make sure you receive the most current information about the local housing.

    The MHO monitors off-base rental listings to ensure that they are safe and adequate.

    The MHO can assist you by:
    - Providing translation services to establish appointments to view available units
    - Negotiating lease contracts
    - Assisting with utility services
    - Providing furnishings support. (See Furnishings Management for a list of the Duration of Tour Items available).

    Sponsors are relied upon to provide transportation to assist members in their house hunting. The MHO can assist also in locating housing and providing transportation during normal duty hours. However this service is by appointment so please contact the MHO for further information. NOTE: Pets would limit your range of choices for community housing in any bedroom category.

    After you move into your home, the MHO is available for on-going assistance with translation services should you need to communicate with your landlord.

    Community Housing Units
    The MHO provides up-to-date listings of available economy units, translation services, and landlord/tenant mediation.

    Due to the size of Spanish bedrooms, it is recommended not to bring American size furniture such as king size beds. Also if you have a lot of furniture, like dining room and living room sets, remember the houses in Spain usually have only one living/dining room area. The average size of apartments is approximately 80-120m² (800-1200 sq ft) and houses 120-140m² (1200-1400 sq ft). We also remind you that this base does not have bonded temporary storage.

    Community Housing consists mostly of furnished/unfurnished apartments, town-houses, and some individual homes. Most of these units are considerably smaller than U.S. houses. Although Spanish quarters do not resemble American homes, they can be made into comfortable living quarters. Electrical outlets are standard Spanish voltage 220V/50HZ. Individual homes can be found with swimming pools and usually have yards.

    All Spanish houses have combination Air Conditioning/Heating units, either individual or centralized. Appliances such as electric stove, oven and range-hood are standard. Some houses are equipped with refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer and we will supply any items that are not present.

    The approximate monthly cost of rental homes/apartments in the economy area is between 500 Euros to 900 Euros. The average monthly cost for utilities (water, gas and electricity) runs between 250 Euros to 500 Euros.

    Commercial transportation off base is very good, and there are good connections to the main city, Sevilla, by train and bus. However it is recommended that you ship your vehicle well in advance of your arrival to Morón.

    For information about the housing allowances that financially support your move, see Referral and Relocation Assistance.

    Personal Property Insurance
    You need to obtain legal liability and personal property insurance for your possessions and should choose the options and amounts that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

    Realtor Services
    The use of local realtor services is typically unnecessary and is not recommended unless a home for rent is only listed with a specific realtor. In OCONUS, if you choose to use realtor services, discuss fees up front, as some realtors charge a finder's fee and government reimbursement is rarely authorized. To request government reimbursement for realtor services in OCONUS, you must submit a request for authorization through the MHO before signing a lease or contract. In CONUS, fees for realtor services are not reimbursable.

    School Information
    For information about the school at Morón, visit the Sevilla Elementary/Middle School website or contact DSN 722-8464.