Welcome to the Furnishings Management Section (FMS). All personnel entitled to family housing are authorized temporary loaner furnishings and in some cases permanent furnishings, depending on the member's JFTR authorization. For additional information, please submit inquiries to the 718ces.fms@us.af.mil 

1) Temporary Government Furniture Loaner Kits. Temporary loaner furnishings kits are available for assigned personnel on full JFTR for 90-days after initial delivery and up to 60-days before departure from Okinawa. Personnel on restricted JFTR are authorized permanent government furnishings and appliances for the duration of tour and a one-time pickup up within 90-days after initial delivery.  

2) Government Furnishings and Appliance Maintenance. Personnel are responsible for the safe-keeping of all assigned items placed within their custody. Personnel will be held financially liable for the lost, damaged, or destroyed government property.  

3) Government Furniture and Appliances Delivery and Self Help. Your home will already be outfitted with a standard loaner kit when you move-in. Personnel are authorized a one-time delivery and pickup of government furnishings and appliances within 90-days after the initial delivery. After the 90-day mark; personnel on restricted JFTR can visit the Kadena Housing Furnishings Management Customer Service Section located within building 217 to process the proper forms for self-help issue or turn-in as long as the entitlement authorization is not exceeded.  

Loaner Furnishings kits are made up of the following items; personnel entitlement will determine the authorized number of items that will be processed.

4) Government Furnishings Available. Furniture loaner kits are made up of the following items, the member entitlement will determine the number of items that will be processed.

- Double/Queen Bed (member and spouse or head of household)

- Single Bed (per child and/or additional dependent)

- Chest-of-Drawers (1 per bedroom)

- Dresser (member and spouse or head of household)

- Dresser Mirror (member and spouse or head of household)

- Night Table (1 per single bed/2 per double/queen bed)

- Dining Table (1 each)

- Dining Chair w/o Arm (4 each)

- Dining Chair w/ Arm (Restricted JFTR, 2 each)

- Sofa (1 each)

- Easy Chair (Restricted JFTR 2 each / Full JFTR pending number of dependents)

- Coffee Table (1 each)

- End Table (2 each)

- Dryer Electric (1 each)

- Washer Electric (1 each)

- Refrigerator/Freezer Electric (1 each)

- Range Electric (1 each)

5) Major Appliances Assigned to Housing Units. Major appliances including a washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and ranges are permanently assigned to each on base housing unit and are also available for off base housing units. 

6) Shipment of Unauthorized Appliances. Major appliances including a washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and ranges owned by military and DoD civilians are not authorized to be shipped to Okinawa. If a military or DoD civilian brings their washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, or ranges to Okinawa the government will not remove the assigned government appliances from the housing unit, if the member wants to use their own appliances they are responsible for returning the government appliances to the warehouse and putting them back in the house when they PCS. Damages to any government owned appliances being stored or returned to the warehouse (during transit to and from) are the responsibility of the assigned member. The government is not responsible for maintaining or repairing non-government owned appliances. Off base repair shops are limited and expensive.

ENTITLEMENTS: Majority of the bases within Japan, weight restrictions are in-place. The Air Force allows incoming accompanied personnel 100 percent full-weight entitlement. Accompanied personnel at U.S. Army bases within Japan are authorized 25 percent of their pay grade's predetermined weight entitlement. Navy personnel are authorized to ship 25 percent of their entitlement to Okinawa. Marine Corp authorizes 25 percent of the JFTR weight entitlement when travelling accompanied to Okinawa. Members still will be entitled to non-temporary storage within the States. They can store or ship the combined weight or their full weight allowance.

Air Force Active Duty Military and Air Force DoD Civilians
1) Personnel are authorized full - 100% JFTR…These members will not be authorized permanent government furnishings. 
2) Every housing unit has government appliances - washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and range. Members are advised not to ship their own appliances. 
3) Government storage is not provided on base for excess furnishings or appliances. 
4) Off-base storage is limited and very expensive (member responsible for all costs).

Active Duty Military - Army, Marine Corp, Navy, Other DoD Civilians, and DoDEA Teachers

1) Members are authorized limited JTR (discuss with your assigned unit). 

2) Members are provided permanent government furnishings based on entitlement until PCS date.  

3) Every housing unit has government appliances - washer, dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, and range. Members are not authorized to ship their own appliances.

Furnishings Management Customer Service - DSN (315) 634-1625 or 632-4073
Kadena Furnishings (Accompanied) Self-Help - DSN (315) 632-4309
Kadena Furnishings (Unaccompanied) Self-Help - DSN (315) 632-4004 
Kadena Appliances Self-Help - DSN (315) 632-4079