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The Landings at Maxwell Community CenterThe Military Housing Office (MHO) is ready to support you in the transition to your new home and community. Use the resources provided to become familiar with the housing options and support services available to you. When you arrive at Maxwell AFB, you must visit the MHO to receive counseling and guidance before entering into any written lease or rental/sales contract for housing.


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Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) creates an easy on-line experience to connect you, the Service Member, with your future destination and offers an on-line venue to obtain housing assistance prior to a PCS transfer. HQ Air Force Housing has successfully implemented HEAT across the AF Enterprise so members can reach out to installations when preparing for transition. Installations are accessible through the HEAT tool across CONUS and most OCONUS installations. Members should use HEAT when preparing to transfer to their new assignment. Learn more at the HOMES.mil site.

Contact Information

   Military Housing Office

Phone  953-2781/9406/9446
Fax  (334) 953-6325
 DSN 493-493-6325
Address  42 CES/CEIH
 350 E. Maxwell Blvd
 Maxwell AFB, AL 36112
Hours of Operation  M-F - 6:00am - 4:30pm


   Housing Referral Office

Phone  (334) 953-5718
 DSN 493-5718
Fax  (334) 953-5070
 DSN 493-5070
Address  42 CES/CEIH
 400 E Maxwell Blvd
 Maxwell AFB, AL 36112
Hours of Operation  M-F - 8:00am - 4:00pm

   Privatized Housing

 Hunt Companies
Phone  (877) 655-7806
Fax  (334) 262-1026
Email: Maxwell Family Housing
Address  400 E Maxwell Blvd
 Maxwell AFB, AL 36112
Hours of
 M-F - 8:00am - 5:00pm
Website: www.maxwellfamilyhousing.com

   Unaccompanied Housing

Phone  Maxwell - (334) 953-5492 
 DSN 493-5492
 Gunter - (334) 416-1389 
 DSN 596-1389
Fax  (334) 953-5070
 DSN 493-5070
Address  Building 696  
181 E Maxwell Blvd
 Maxwell AFB, AL 36112 
Hours of Operation  M-F - 7:00am - 4:00pm


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Housing options

  • Privatized Housing

    Privatized Housing
    At Maxwell AFB, military family housing is privatized. Maxwell Family Housing, a Hunt Military Community, owns the family housing and is responsible for maintaining, repairing, constructing and managing the community. In addition to your option to purchase and rent housing in the local community, you now may choose to live in privatized housing by signing a tenant lease agreement with Hunt Military Communities.
    For comprehensive information about the privatized housing community at Maxwell AFB, visit Maxwell Family Housing, a Hunt Military Community website. The website provides information you need to know about the homes and amenities available in the privatized housing community.
    As soon as you know you are moving to Maxwell Air Force Base or Gunter Annex your first step is to contact the Military Housing Office by calling DSN 493-5718 or 334-953-5718. The government housing team will provide you the latest information available on the privatized housing initiative as well as community housing referral services as desired. The MHO will provide you with applications, complete a referral to privatized property owner and update you on any base specific policies regarding residing in privatized housing. Members coming to ACSC/AWC/SAASS do not need orders to initially apply for housing.If you wish to apply for Privatized on base housing with Hunt Companies please go to  www.maxwellfamilyhousing.com by the link on the page  or click link below. This will bring you to Hunt Companies website from there you will click the application button at the top of the page you will get a box pop up telling you that are leaving The Hunt Companies website and  being sent to Hunt military communities application portal. Once you are on the site you will choose your status and register. After you register you will be able to fill out the applications and upload your  supporting documents.

    Community Amenities
    Privatized housing is comparable to housing in the local community and provides a wide variety of amenities and support services that demonstrate how private industry is working together with the Air Force to build thriving housing communities. Common amenities found on most bases are also found here. For example, the Youth Center, Base pool, Commissary, Class VI Store, ITT Travel Office, Barber Shop, Paint Ball Course, Child Development Center, and many others. Maxwell also features base lakes with a picnic area and a Golf Course.

    Community features such as a Community Center, Business Center, Olympic sized soccer field, multiple playgrounds in the different housing areas, no security deposits and seasonal and special holiday events for the residents are just some of the amenities and specials you will find at Maxwell Family Housing. A full list of the Housing Amenities are available on the website. As a resident of privatized housing, contact the on-site property manager to obtain more specific information on the services available at your location. See the list below for some of the housing amenities.

    Paying Rent for Privatized Housing
    Similar to living in the local community, you will sign a tenant lease agreement, typically for a one-year term. Your lease includes a military clause and a lease termination clause. You pay your monthly rent by authorizing an allotment of your BAH that is paid directly to the Property Manager. At this location, rent is paid in arrears and the Tenant Lease Agreement spells out all relevant rent payment terms and conditions.

    Gas and Electric Utilities
    At this location homes in the community are metered and a portion of the utilities are paid by the resident. The Property Management Office will receive the full BAH through allotment with a portion applied to rent and a portion applied to utilities. All tenants are given a utility allowance, which varies depending on the area that is applied toward the utilities. If the utility bill is over the utility allowance then the tenant must pay the difference and if the utility bill is under the utility allowance a credit will be issued to the tenant.

    Personal Property Insurance
    Hunt Military Communities LLC includes $100,000 in liability and $20,000 in personal property insurance in their lease agreement as part of your monthly payment. We strongly urge you to obtain additional legal liability and personal property insurance for your possessions. You should choose the options and amounts that best fit your needs and lifestyle.
    **Before purchasing additional insurance, please consult the Property Management Office for more information about coverage. **

    School Information
    Local Area Schools
    1.Montgomery County Public Schools
    2.Autauga County Public Schools (Prattville)
    3.Elmore County Public Schools (Millbrook, Deatsville, Elmore, Wetumpka)
    4.Private Schools.

    Maxwell AFB DoD Elementary/Middle School
    Maxwell AFB has a DOD elementary and middle school  Prek-8th, that services Maxwell and Gunter AFB housing residents. Members that are Active duty ,Reserve and National Guard on active duty for at least 365 consecutive days are Eligible. 


    Enrollment Eligibility: Must be on active duty on the first day of school, must be assigned to the location and must reside in permanent, on base housing OR in conjunction with PCS move, obtain a 90 day letter from housing showing housing will be available and that the sponsor intends to accept housing when offered.
    DoD Federal Agency Employees: Eligible. Must be a full-time permanent employee assigned to the installation and must reside in permanent, on-base housing
    Non-DoD Federal Agency Employees: Eligible. Must be a full-time employee assigned to the installation, must reside in permanent on-base housing AND employing agency must be willing to pay tuition to DoD.
    Reserve and Guard members not on active duty for at least 365 consecutive days: Not Eligible
    Retirees, Military and Civilian: Not Eligible, (even if residing in on-base housing)
    Government Contractors: Not Eligible

    Please note : DoDEA Americas is not authorized to accept tuition from individuals or non-Federal entities.Please contact the DoDEA Americas Region Office at 678-364-8005/8044 for clarification, go to www.dodea.edu/Americas/aboutAm/amEligibility.cfm

    Maxwell and Gunter residents are offered separate High School options. Maxwell residents are authorized for Carver Senior High and Gunter residents are authorized for Robert E. Lee High School.

  • Unaccompanied Housing

    At Maxwell AFB we strive to create an inclusive environment that cultivates the development and training of Airmen. The Air Force recognizes that the management of Unaccompanied Housing (UH) facilities is critical to an Airman's development process. UH is a personal residence and we strive to provide a modern, functional, well maintained and comfortable home, as well as promote pride, professionalism and personal dignity.

    UH is provided for unaccompanied Airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 and E-4 with less than 3 years of service. Each Airman is provided a private sleeping room, furnishings, bed linens and supplies required for comfortable living. (Room arrangements may vary depending on location)

    Unaccompanied Airmen in the rank of E-4 with greater than 3 years of service and above will move into housing in the local community. Please refer to the Housing in the Local Community section for information and assistance on securing housing.

    The dormitory campus at Maxwell AFB consists of 2 Main Dormitory Facilities Building 696 which has 60 single occupant rooms and 7 double occupant pipeline student rooms and Building 697, which primarily houses the 42 SFS, has 62 single occupant rooms and 4 Chief Suites which are used for exceptional Airmen. The Gunter campus has 1 Dormitory Facility Building 1410 which has 72 rooms.

    Enlisted dormitory room assignments can be made in advance by your sponsor. The dormitories include private rooms, furnished with microwaves, refrigerators and new furniture with semi-private bathrooms and showers. Each dorm has a large, fully furnished dayroom, complete with a giant-screen TV, VCR, Surround Sound stereo equipment, pool and ping-pong table. A laundry facility, equipped with washers and dryers is located in each building. Outdoors, the dorms have basketball courts, gas and charcoal grills, large picnic area and patio. The dormitories are located within walking distance of all base facilities.

    Base Specific Policy
    During your orientation, the ADL or UH Management Office representative will inform you of all Air Force and base-specific policies. Smoking policy, pet restrictions, etc. are specified in the UH Residents Brochure.

    UH Management Office Staff
    The UH Management Office is staffed with professionals that can assist with all of your housing needs. Staffs vary but can be comprised of non-commissioned officers (NCO), Senior NCOs and some bases have civilian employees. The assigned military are Airman Dormitory Leaders (ADL). These members are highly motivated personnel dedicated to ensuring that residents receive quality service. ADLs will provide you guidance and advice on UH life as well as mentor you on succeeding in the Air Force.

    Assignment Procedures
    As soon as you are notified of your assignment, contact your gaining unit and request to be assigned a sponsor. Your sponsor will be another military member assigned to your unit and will assist with your move. Your sponsor or gaining unit must then contact the UH Management Office to notify them of your impending arrival date and work to secure you a dormitory room.

    Unit Integrity
    In most cases, you will be assigned a room in an area of the dormitory set aside for the personnel who work in your unit. This is to promote camaraderie among squadron members. If a room is not available near other members of your unit, you may be assigned a temporary room until one with your unit becomes available.

    Planning Your Move
    Prior to travel, arrange to meet your sponsor or someone from your unit upon arrival. If you arrive on a business day during normal duty hours, have your sponsor escort you to the UH Management Office. An ADL or a civilian Dorm Manager will take you through the process of checking you into your room and performing a move-in inspection and inventory of the allotted furnishings and supplies.

    If you arrive on the weekend or after normal duty hours, have your sponsor make arrangements to pick up your room key from the UH Management Office or acquire a hospitality room for you until you can meet with an ADL or Dorm Manager.

    If you obtain your room key outside of normal duty hours, it is still a mandatory requirement to report to the UH Management Office the next duty day for in-processing.

    Resident Responsibilities
    You will be expected to keep your room and any shared living space clean and tidy. Cleaning supplies and equipment can be provided to you free of charge. You will also be accountable for your room and the furnishings provided. Residents may be held liable for any damages beyond normal fair wear and tear.

    See your ADL or UH Management Office representative if you have any questions about your resident responsibilities.

    Inspection Program
    The Installation Commander establishes a base-wide UH inspection program focused on health and safety. Squadron Commanders and unit First Sergeants implement the inspection program and visit rooms to ensure that all residents from their squadron comply with installation standards.

    Bay Orderly Program
    UH residents are expected to assist in the cleaning and upkeep of common areas and shared facilities of their "home." You will periodically be detailed to perform essential cleaning and minor maintenance around the UH campus.

    Dormitory Councils
    The Airmen Dormitory Council is the forum by which residents of an individual dormitory or group of dormitories address concerns about their living environment with a panel of their peers. The purpose of the council is to establish standards for all residents, present solutions for problem areas, establish positive recreational activities and identify facility and furnishing improvements. Participation at your location is a chance to be involved in shaping your living environment and provides an opportunity for personal growth and development in the areas of leadership and personal relationships.

    Ask your ADL or UH Management Office representative about how you can get involved.

    It is mandatory for unaccompanied Airmen in the ranks of E-1 to E-3 and E-4 with less than 3 years of service to reside in UH. An E-4 residing in UH reaching 3 years of service may be authorized to move out of UH and into local community housing. Contact the UH Management Office for procedures you must follow to clear your room. In certain circumstances, such as to make space available for more junior Airmen, you may be authorized to move out of UH before reaching E-4 with greater than 3 years of service. The most senior Airmen are released first. Your ADL or UH Management Office representative will advise residents when early release is necessary.

    Space Available Rooms
    When there is an excess of dormitory rooms, personnel in the ranks of E-4 with greater than 3 years of service and above may be eligible to reside in UH on a space available basis.

    Contact the UH Management Office to inquire about availability.

  • Community Housing

    Housing in the Local Community
    The Military Housing Office (MHO) provides all DoD personnel with personalized services to assist in locating suitable housing in the local community. Although moving is sometimes stressful, it can also be an exciting opportunity to live off base and experience a new location. The MHO will assist you every step of the way to help you find your new home in the local community.

    Housing Services
    Contact the MHO as soon as you know you are moving. The government housing team will provide you the latest information on the local housing situation and offer complete referral services and relocation assistance to make sure you find a quality place to live.

    Support services range from helping members understand their lease agreements and the necessity for a military release clause to assisting in resident and landlord dispute resolution, among many others.

    The MHO partners with landlords, realtors and property managers to make sure you receive the most current information about the local housing market. The MHO also monitors housing units offered for rent to the military community.

    Other useful relocation links Military HOMEFRONT, AL Multiple Listing Site andKnow The Community.

    Alabama Tenant Laws and Rights
    Alabama Tenant Rights Information
    Alabama Tenants Rights Brochure
    Alabama Tenant Handbook

    Community Housing Units
    The tri-county area surrounding Maxwell AFB is full of rental opportunities. Our rental market consists of approximately 3,565 rental homes and over 78 apartment complexes, not to mention hundreds of other types of apartments. We ask that members contact our office prior to signing a lease or any type of rental agreement. We have many areas which are very popular with military renters. We also have many new subdivisions with rental homes.

    Pets are generally allowed upon approval of the landlord. You will find that some landlords have breed and weight restrictions similar to what you would find in privatized housing. Pets are part of our families so it is best to ask before making any commitments.

    In the local area off-base units have kitchens, however many rental homes do not have refrigerators. Apartments often include water, sewer and trash as part of the rent, but if it is not included, the cost is usually around $35.00 per month. Apartments in the area have one or all of the following: a laundry facility on location, washer and dryer hookups in the unit and some offer washer and dryers in the unit. Others may charge you to rent a washer and dryer for your unit.

    For information about the housing allowances that financially support your move, see Referral and Relocation Assistance.

    Personal Property Insurance
    Whether you are renting a property in the community or a privatized housing unit we strongly encourage you to obtain legal liability and personal property insurance for your possessions and should choose the options and amounts that best fit your needs and lifestyle.

    **Before purchasing your insurance, please consult the MHO for more information about coverage. **

    School Information
    For families, we understand that where your children attend school plays a large factor in the decision of where to live.

    Local Area Schools
    1. Montgomery County Public Schools
    2. Autauga County public Schools (Prattville)
    3. Elmore County public Schools (Millbrook, Deatsville, Elmore, Wetumpka) 4.Private Schools
    5. Maxwell AFB DoD Elementary/Middle School